How To Write a Short Sale

Hardship Letter in 30 Minutes or LESS!

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This is what the "Short Sale Hardship Letter eBook Course" can do for you!

Learn basic writing skills and psychology on how people process written information.
We will teach these necessary skills:
Short Sale Hard Ship Letter BulletWhom to write to
Short Sale Hard Ship Letter BulletThe story behind the message
Short Sale Hard Ship Letter BulletWhen did this all start
Short Sale Hard Ship Letter BulletHow it happened
Short Sale Hard Ship Letter BulletThe facts to back up your story
Short Sale Hardship Space(how, where, and when to place them)
Short Sale Hard Ship Letter BulletHow long your letter should be
Short Sale Hard Ship Letter BulletWhat type of paper to use
Short Sale Hard Ship Letter BulletWhich is the best day for the
Short Sale Hardship SpaceLoss Mitigator to read your letter.
Short Sale Hardship Spaceand much, much more etc…
Short Sale Hardship Letter Index Card
The skills that you will learn from this course can be used over and over again.

If you are facing foreclosure,this could very well be the most important web page you have ever read. But, before we dive into the details, there are a few things I'd like to talk to you about. If you give me a few minutes of your time, I'll do my best to provide you with the answers you are seeking.

My name is Simon Volkov and I'm a private real estate investor residing in sunny California. Today, I'm a successful businessman, but life hasn't always been rosy. Just like you, I've been a victim of life's tragedies.

Unfortunately, everyone goes through something in their lifetime that they have no control over. Every now and again life can throw you a major curveball that leaves you feeling as if everything is spinning out of control. This might be one of those times.

Although I don’t know your personal circumstances, I can certainly sympathize with you. Perhaps you've lost your job because your employer went bankrupt. Maybe you are coping with a chronic health problem that is depleting your financial nest egg. Maybe you lost your life savings due to poor financial advice. There could be numerous tragedies that have caused this unforeseen problem.

Regardless of the reason for your financial distress, it is important to realize you are not alone. I, for one, know all too well what it is like to be put through the financial ringer. I know how it feels to be terrified when the telephone rings or someone knocks at the door. I know how it feels when there is no relief in sight. To be perfectly honest, it sucks. And, it's extremely stressful.

However, after the initial shock of the very real possibility of losing your home wears off, it is crucial to address the problem. That time has arrived. Otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this.

The only way to work through this problem is to start right now and I mean this very second.
From this moment on, you can take control of this situation and move forward with your life.
"You Deserve Better"
Short Sale Hardship Letter EBook Course

So, here’s the straight scoop…

As a real estate investor, I have seen some of the most well-written hardship letters be denied by lenders. I have also seen some of the worst written letters accepted.
This phenomenon left me wondering what lenders were actually looking for in a short sale hardship letter. I began tracking what worked and what didn't. And what I discovered was astounding!
The recently updated "Short Sale Hardship Letter eBook Course" discusses the variables used by bank Loss Mitigators to approve or disapprove a short sale request.
Within the pages of the Short Sale Hardship Letter, you'll discover step-by-step techniques to increase your chances ten-fold for obtaining short sale approval from your lender. While these techniques require some time and effort on your part, everything is outlined in a simple format to show you exactly what to do.

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Short Sale Hardship Letter
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Here's the clear-cut TRUTH: These techniques have been around for years. They have been used by some of the world's best marketers to sell you millions of dollars of stuff you would have never purchased if you hadn't received their sales letter in the mail. They contain psychological messages which motivate you to open your wallet and hand over your hard-earned cash. These messages are referred to as "call-to-action" triggers.

That action was to buy and boy did you.
These call-to-action letters are intended to make you BUY and nine-and-a-half times out of ten they work.

If you know what I’m talking about, you will clearly be able to understand what I am going to show you in this course.

Honestly, nothing would make me happier than to add YOUR NAME & PHOTO to our testimonials in my next update of this website!

So please, invest in my Short Sale Hardship Letter eBook CourseNOW, so you can join the ranks of all my other success stories and maybe even be featured here next!

A Step-by-Step Blueprint
to Obtain a
Successful Short Sale
Hardship Letters Post-it Note

The simplest, easiest way for an average person like YOU to start writing the most important FINANCIAL letter of your LIFE.


You know, it's funny.

Every day, I’m getting frantic emails from people wanting to know how much the Short Sale Hardship Letter eBook Course costs.

And there's a good reason for the "panic".

On the first test launch of the program we charged as much as $297.00 for not much more than a forum, one video of old seminar presentations that we had the brains to package up.
Short Sale Hardship Letter EBook Course
The revised version provides a simple streamlined process to help you compose your short sale hardship letter quickly and effectively, while dramatically increasing your chances of acceptance.
But, it’s not as expensive as you might think; although it should be.

The fact is… I simply don't need to charge an arm and a leg for this priceless information. I have plenty of money and don't need to price-gouge people who are already under financial distress.

I'd rather sell it to you at an affordable price so you can obtain some peace of mind and move forward. 
On the other hand, if I sold this super-cheap, I'd end up with a bunch of "tire kickers" who'd just bog us all down with their constant complaining and always wanting something for nothing. We all know who they are. It's obvious to everyone except them and they wonder why their lives are such a mess.
If we priced the course too high, we'd make it out of reach for a lot of people who want it. Heck, they NEED it.

After much deliberation, we settled on a price that everyone could live with. However, my office manager and marketing staff think we're giving it away considering I had them spend countless hours revamping it from scratch. I’m not their favorite person right now. But, that's okay, I can live with that.

So after lots of back-and-forth, we decided on

Yep. You read that right...

Our Blueprint for How to Write a Short Sale Hardship Letter is a
one-time payment of $47.00 USD
When you do the math that equates to a paltry
$1.56 per day for a full month.

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P.S. Have you considered what your time is worth?... You can go through the short sale process with your lender on your own and take your chances. But, wouldn't you rather have a Short Sale expert guide you through the steps which have increased other people's success and remove this HUGE financial burden from your shoulders ? There is no reason to endure another sleepless night, especially since you can have this simple step-by-step eBook on how to write a short sale hardship letter NOW. Don't add more stress to your life over what "might have been".

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